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Back in 1986, a revolution was sparked in a brewpub on John street in Toronto. Ales, lagers, stouts and seasonal beers were brewed on premise, introducing thirsty patrons to something they had never encountered in a beer before- FLAVOUR! Every beer we brew holds to the promises we followed in crafting our very first beer: Made by hand, made fresh daily, & made for you to enjoy!

The dedication and creativity of our brewers in creating great craft beer is mirrored in our menu at the BrewHouse. The goal is to create contemporary dishes using the freshest and best ingredients – good food which is accessible to everyone, but interesting and unique enough to stimulate those who want a real experience in their meal. Cheers!

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Our menu shows some of the most creative uses of beer & brewing process techniques in the world. We make use of not just Amsterdam beer, but elements of the entire brewing process as well. From cooking with spent grains to making reductions from the wort (young beer), beer is being used in the cooking process to create braises, sauces and to deglaze. We’ve even created sweets & desserts using syrups and caramels made from the beer & other products of the beer making process!

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Our brewing team is dedicated to crafting beer to the highest quality possible. We use all natural ingredients, no preservatives are added and the beer is never heat pasteurized- something we are all very proud of. Our beer menu focuses on four different offerings – click the images on the right to learn more!

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FREE guided tours of the brewery are available Tuesday through Sundays from 11am – 6pm on the hour. 

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Tours include a free tasting and last about 30 minutes. All tours are limited to 16 people.